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Canva Releases Generative AI Tools: Text to image, AI Presentations and More

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
The Canva generative AI release comes just days after Adobe released its own AI tools on different creative platforms

As massive tech companies such as Google and Microsoft race to make space in the AI industry, other smaller tech firms are also taking their share of the pie. Canva, a graphic design platform, just announced the release of its new AI tools that will assist users with both photo and video editing.

Canva’s unveiling for its AI tools came just a day after its biggest competitor, Adobe released its own AI tools on different creative platforms.

Aimed to further streamline and ease design and video editing process, these new AI tools by Canva will help both brands and independent creators.

According to Canva, most of these new AI features are made to aid users with social media graphics, presentations, and advertising materials, providing great help to those with limited design knowledge.

Canva believes that the release of these new AI tools will help graphic designers and creative professionals to spend their time on other more important tasks.

These new Canva AI tools can prove to be a great challenge for Adobe, who has been facing strong competition from Canva for a long time now.

Getting into the Canva visual worksuite, you would find that the company has introduced several new tools each with ‘Magic’ as the first word in their name, for example Magic Replace Tool, Magic Design, Magic Edit, Draw, etc.

The magic design feature will help users by finding an ideal design for them, all users will have to do is select a specific template of their choice and the magic design will do the rest of the work for them.

The magic presentation generator is another amazing feature, where all users have to do is to simply describe the kind of presentation they want in a few words and Canva will do the rest for them.

Magic write, which is a feature released on Canva docs, will not assist users by writing a number of different things such as speeches and blog posts. What’s special about the Magic write feature is the fact that it’s available in 18 different languages.


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