Career Expert guides on how you can change careers if you are not satisfied by your current job

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There may come a time in your professional life where you are no longer satisfied by your current field and want to make a switch. This is quite common in fact and nothing to be embarrassed about. What you need to worry about is identifying the new field which is your passion and what are the actionable steps you can take to properly transition to that field.

LinkedIn Editors did a Q&A with Sabrina Ho who is the founder of to find out what are the questions professionals should ask themselves if they are looking for a career change. You can view the exchange below:

In short, you need to ask yourself how the new career will make your life better while evaluating the difficulties of the switch. Let’s say you are leaving your current industry due to worsening career prospects or lack of growth; will the new career offer you at least 3 to 4 times more growth or not? Similarly, what would you need to learn to properly switch to the new field?

Another extremely important step that you need to take for the transition is finding an expert or mentor who knows the other field very well. The person will guide you step by step on how you can take the transition and even during the time you don’t find another, he or she will keep you motivated through any relevant courses or tips. And remember, you might need to ditch your lavish lifestyle if you aim to switch, as switching can often involve a pay cut. Keep that and your family’s needs in mind when you intend to switch.

Are you looking for a career switch? What steps are you going to take for the switch?

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