Red Dead Redemption’s broken economy is pushing gamers away

If there is one thing gamers disapprove of and have to face more day by day then that would...

Dec 4 ·>

Xbox One is finally adding Mouse and Keyboard functionality

Microsoft has slowly started rolling out the functionality for linking keyboard and mouse with some of the games on...

Nov 19 ·>
Playing Game-Xbox-Controller

Red Dead Redemption 2 is being rated the best video game consoles have ever seen

Rockstar has just released Red Dead Redemption 2, its first release after the 2013’s record-breaker Grand Theft Auto 5....

Oct 27 ·>

Mountain Dew Gamers Arena gets its first Counter-Strike Winner from Lahore

If you’d walked into the Portal gaming center in Lahore this weekend, here’s what you’d have seen: teams of...

Oct 22 ·>

Huawei unveils Mate 20 Pro, here are all the specs

Huawei, today unveiled the Huawei Mate 20 Series, one of the most highly anticipated smartphone series of the year....

Oct 17 ·>

Xiaomi’s gaming phone accidentally revealed

The introduction of Razer Phone 2017, identified a new niche in the smartphone market and with the launch of...

Oct 16 ·>

Fortnite is now available for compatible Android devices

Epic Games, the video game company behind the viral battle royale game has announced the commencement of Fortnite Beta...

Oct 15 ·>

Is Facebook preparing to take over game streaming rivals?

Facebook is currently testing a mobile version of its streaming platform to compete against Amazon’s Twitch; a live...

Oct 15 ·>

Shop Heroes turns 3 with millions of players, crossing PKR 1.5 Billion in revenue

Shop Heroes, the critically acclaimed game from Cloudcade, is celebrating its three year anniversary. Since its inception in 2015,...

Oct 15 ·>

Mountain Dew launches Pakistan’s biggest gaming championship, Dew Gamers Arena

Pakistan’s gaming community has been thriving over the past few years, yet there are limited avenues for Pakistani gamers...

Oct 4 ·>

Google & Ubisoft are partnering to bring you video game streaming

Two of the tech giants are coming together and test live streaming for video games. The internet tycoon Google...

Oct 3 ·>

Fortnite hits 15 million downloads on Android

Epic games recently mentioned in its blog post that their uber-popular game Fortnite has just hit 15 million apk...

Sep 10 ·>

Dear Fortnite players, Fortnite might not make it to all Android phones this summer

Rumors have surfaced stating Fornite might never launch on all Android smartphones. Instead, Epic Games, the developer of Fornite...

Jul 27 ·>