This 8-year-old just became the youngest “paid” Fortnite player with Rs 5mn contract

Joseph Deen became the world’s youngest esports professional player as he signed up for Team 33, one of the...

Mar 3 ·>

A 4-year-old Muslim boy gets sent to anti-extremism program for a Fortnite related comment

In today’s dose of crazy news, a 4-year-old Muslim boy in the UK has been to the anti-extremism program...

Feb 1 ·>

Geforce Now videogame streaming service brings Fortnite back to iOS

All the Fortnite fans already know that Fortnite was kicked off the iOS App Store for implementing its own...

Nov 25 ·>

Liferun: A new mode in Fortnite that let you save lives instead of taking one.

Red Cross collaborated with the developers of the Fortnite game for developing a new feature on Monday. This collaboration...

Jan 21 ·>

Fortnite returns with a huge update in Chapter 2

After Chapter 1 ended with the game dramatically collapsing into a black hole for several hours, Fortnite is finally...

Oct 20 ·>

Fortnite’s merchandise store removes its cryptocurrency payment option

Fortnite’s online retail store, Retail Row, has officially removed Monero (XMR), the open-source cryptocurrency, as a payment option. What’s...

Jan 9 ·>

Epic Games have announced their own PC games store

Epic is entering the tightly competitive digital games store market with its own PC games store that will be...

Dec 10 ·>

Fortnite Battle Royale is killing it as the revenue hits $300 Million on iOS devices

Fortnite’s iOS version has hit a major milestone in just 200 days of being on the app store. According...

Oct 9 ·>

Dear Fortnite players, Fortnite might not make it to all Android phones this summer

Rumors have surfaced stating Fornite might never launch on all Android smartphones. Instead, Epic Games, the developer of Fornite...

Jul 27 ·>

Fortnite has crossed the $1 billion revenue mark

Fortnite has successfully earned over $1 billion across all platforms. The game has gained a lot of praise and...

Jul 20 ·>

Fortnite makes over $100 million in revenue within 90 days on iOS

Fortnite remains in-trend even a year after its release. It is basically a free-to-play on all platforms such as...

Jun 20 ·>

Fortnite World Cup 2019 has $100 million prize money and is ‘open to all’

Yesterday at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018, the developers of Fortnite – Epic Games announced some further details about...

Jun 13 ·>