Certified Android devices will now have Google Play Protect logo

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Google will now put its Play Protect logo on devices which have some of their most popular apps preinstalled as well as passing their tests for security and performance. Google has been doing it for a quite a while for Samsung, LG, and other manufacturers but this new step is being taken in order to make the process more prominent.

The certified devices undergo hundreds of tests and will have Google’s new security suite “Play Protect” preinstalled to make sure that the device doesn’t have any malware on board. The smartphones will also have the “Find My Device” app in case you lose your phone. Most popular manufacturers are already present in their partner list.

The certification is, in a sense, similar to Microsoft Signature edition devices. Basically, a handful of devices from every manufacturer go to Microsoft for testing and all the bloatware is removed. They will only run a clean version of the operating system and only have some essential software from the OS developer and manufacturer pre-installed. In Google’s case, you will have all apps such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive and more already present.

The Play Protect logo will be visible on the certified device box when you will purchase one in the future.

Source – Google India

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