ChatGPT Answered All Interview Questions For A Software Coding Job: Asked By An Amazon Engineer

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  • ChatGPT Answered all questions correctly asked by an Amazon engineer
  • The interview test was based on many ChatGPT-related topics discussed in the Slack channel
  • Amazon is worried about employees sharing confidential company information with ChatGPT

According to the Slack channel, Chatbot correctly answered some of Amazon’s interview questions for a software coding position.

Though, the answers were not 100% accurate and had some buggy implementation. But at the same time, ChatGPT was able to give correct solutions am even improve the code.

Here it is essential to mention that ChatGPT is working efficiently and has been used in several different job functions at Amazon. According to one of the employees, Amazon has created a small working group to understand AI’s impact on its business better.

Though, many employees are pretty happy with the new technology. Though there was one area, it disappointed: creating an “epic rap battle.” As it is likely because its a highly advanced human cognitive task”.

According to an Amazon machine learning engineer, “I was honestly impressed! I am both scared and excited to see what impact this will have on the way we conduct coding interviews”.

According to various sources, the test was based on many work-related ChatGPT topics discussed last month.
Moreover, Amazon employees were asked in a survey if “it was ok to use the AI tool for work or whether Amazon had an official policy.
Some employees said they already used it as a “coding assistant” and a supporting tool to develop Amazon Web Services training material.

An Amazon lawyer claimed in a channel, warning employees not to share confidential information with Chatbot. “This is important because your inputs may be used as training data for a further iteration of chatGPT, and we wouldn’t want its output to include or resemble our confidential information (and I have seen instances where its output closely matches existing material).”

How frequently will the employees use ChatGPT, and what OpenAI-the creator of the AI tool, will help the employees? These questions still need to be addressed as ChatGPT is gaining more popularity.

In addition, it is an excellent tool for writing a troubleshooting guide for AWS Aurora database engineers. More er, it also helps in answering “difficult” support questions. As per one employee, it could ” figure out a customer’s company goals.”

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