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China Claims that Limiting Gaming to 3 Hours a Week Has Shown a Positive Effects on Children

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
China children video game laws
The country just last year imposed a rule that banned children from gaming more than 3 hours a week and it now claims that the ban had some positive effects

A recent report by the China Game Industry Group Committee claims that young people in China have significantly limited their addiction to playing video games. This report was made in order to compare gaming addiction in the country before and after they passed a severe ‘gaming restriction’ law in the country.

With the addictions seeing a sharp drop, authorities which once termed video games to be ‘spiritual opium’ might reduce the severity of the restrictions.

The ‘gaming restriction’ law was passed in August 2021 and the law limited children to playing video games only three hours each week.

Soon after its passing last year, the law made international news and was both criticized and appreciated by different people. The gaming sector which serves children as their main audience was also under a lot of pressure after the rule was passed.

Major Chinese gaming brands such as Tencent restricted approval of new game titles thus putting the Chinese gaming industry in a freeze. With China containing some of the world’s biggest gaming companies, this was a shock to the whole industry.

The China Game Industry report claims that the ban has now pushed children away from gaming addiction and around 75% of Chinese youth is actually spending less than 3 hours playing video games.

While assuring that the industry wasn’t severely affected by the law, the report claimed that game companies such as Tencent actually performed well over the whole period.

After noticing a positive growth and increasing COVID cases in the country, the Chinese government has once again allowed longer gaming hours to children and has also allowed game companies to release new titles therefore putting the industry in a good place.


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