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China Has Launched The World’s Largest 5G Network

Usman Aslam Written by Usman Aslam · 57 sec read>

In recent news, China has built a 5G network consisting of over 5G mobile connections now hence making this the largest high-speed network up to date.

According to Liu Liehong, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT):
“Telecom companies have worked hard to overcome the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and accelerated the construction of 5G networks since 5G has been commercialized more than a year ago, and the country has established the world’s largest 5G mobile network.”

Due to the consistency maintained by the technology and innovation sector of the country, up to 792,000 5G base stations have been built which includes standalone networks covering all respective cities. Moreover, the number of 5G terminal connections has reached up to 260 million. This is China’s way of adopting the latest-gen tech and its respective applications.

More importantly, China’s 4G network base stations have been accounted for half of the world’s total. Such impact and that which is upcoming is said to revolutionize the different sectors of the industry globally according to the MIIT.

Currently, the 5G model for business is still in the process to be properly commercialized as the proper technology is required along with the practical methods to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

China is said to complete the construction of the 5G network by 2025. By then, there will be considerable coverage and speed.

All in all, it seems that China has taken the lead in being the first country to establish a proper 5G network. It’s only a matter of time when other countries will try to counter China and its respective companies.

Written by Usman Aslam
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