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Chrome to disallow websites from redirecting you when you press back button

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan ·  43 sec read >

Ever encountered one of those websites that serve pop-ups or redirect you to some other site when you press your back button? Well, have no fear because Google intends to update Chrome with the functionality to stop websites from hijacking your browser back button. Recent commits in Chromium’s repository show that Google will be looking at your browser history to see which links you didn’t request yourself and based on that, it will start flagging websites.

While it is not clear whether there would be any search penalties for these websites, it is clear Google is out on a hunt for deceptive websites with fake content and alerts designed to deceive users. Google has removed most of these websites from their search results over the past few months but there are chances users will stumble upon them every once in a while so, in order to ensure better security of user data, Google will be integrating more features directly in your browser.

For now, don’t expect this feature to reach any stable version of Chrome any time soon as it would have to be tested on a large dataset first to avoid any unexpected behavior. You can read the changelog of Chromium code repository here.

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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