Chuno Apna Raasta – Airlift embodies its promise at the workplace.

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The mass transit brand Airlift has been making rounds on the internet with their latest campaign “Chuno Apna Raasta”, an empowering slogan that echoes autonomy and choice for the end-user. However, beyond marketing, the laudable effort is to see the same governing their internal workplace culture. With a special focus on employee experience, Airlift has set out to change the way companies operate internally.

Their goal is to set up a workplace that gives the employee independence, control and freedom to perform at their optimum best and carve a unique experience within the company. The foremost example for which is their evaluation criteria, where the performance indicators are deliverables and impact as opposed to face time and mandated work hours.

Decentralized decision making is encouraged to give employees a sense of ownership in their daily tasks. The overall management structure is designed towards training the resources as growth-oriented professionals responsible for their own tasks.

The organization’s “One team, One fight” motto inspires a culture of work-family, where empathy and transparency are key factors and constructive feedback is welcome. With the understanding that every individual requires a happy and healthy working environment to play their strengths, employees at Airlift are facilitated to maintain a healthy work-life balance by giving them the freedom to unlimited sick leaves, self-proposed paternal paid leaves, and unlimited paid vacations.

The picture looks promising when we look at inclusive companies like Airlift breaking away from the age-old bandwagon and redefining the workplace structure. The future of work is empathetic and we hope to see Airlift continue on the same path as they scale!