Country’s top-level executives will gather in the Digital Transformation Conclave Islamabad on 26th March

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Digital Transformation is changing the way organizations work. The pace of change over the last five years has been significantly high and businesses have been accelerating their digital capabilities at an equally astonishing rate.

To highlight the role of Digital Transformation in today’s corporate ecosystem, Scaptox is organizing a Digital Transformation Conclave on 26th March. The event, due to be held in Islamabad’s elite Serena Hotel, is going to host a number of panel discussions and sessions on a number of topics, some of which are:

1. Seize The Moment: Winning In A Changing And

Disruptive World Today

This talk will be delivered by Charles Marcus, who is said to be among the Top 60 Motivational Speakers of the World. He will be talking about a wide array of things including an overall perspective of how digital transformation has affected businesses and individuals worldwide.

2. How Telcos Can Win In The Digital Revolution

Telecom companies are considered to be in the spotlight in the realm of digital revolution and transformation. The constant evolving of telecommunications standards around the world press the telco companies to accommodate new technology in their networks.

This is what some of the industry’s leaders will be talking about. The speakers include the CEO of Telenor, Irfan Wahab Khan, Member-IT Ministry of IT and Telecom, Raza Shah and the CEO of PTCL, Daniel Ritz.

3. How Big Data Can Improve Investment Decisions

The field of business analytics and the correct usage and interpretation of data is becoming increasingly important throughout the world. This is what the speakers of this topic will be addressing. The speakers include Naeem Zamindar, the Ex-Chairman of the Board of Investment, Ayla Majid, who is the Managing Director of Khalid Majid Rehman Chartered Accountants along with Richard Morin, the CEO of the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

4. Digital Transformation: From Brick And Mortar To


The biggest change in how businesses function nowadays has been inspired by the concept of E-Commerce (short for Electronic Commerce). This consists of the sale and purchase of goods/services online.

The progress of the world from physical brick and mortar stores to conducting businesses solely through the internet will be talked about by a number of prominent people including Shayaan Tahir, the Founder and CEO of, Omar Moeen Malik, the Head of Digital Payments at Telenor Microfinance Bank and Badar Khushnood, the Vice President of Growth at Fishry.

The Digital Transformation Conclave is bound to be an appalling opportunity for tech startups and other relevant parties to learn how technology has affected our everyday lives and how it will continue to affect our lives. Additionally, the chances of networking further escalate the importance and appeal of the event.

You can find out other details of the event, including the event agenda and register for the event from here.

Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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