Creating jobs around the country: how Daraz is facilitating sellers and establishing businesses

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According to figures, presented at a conference, Pakistan’s e-commerce sales in 2017 were $622 million, 0.34% of the retail market, which is doubling every year. It is expected to reach 1 billion US dollars by 2020.

Hence, there is no denying the growth of e-commerce in the country and it’s importance.
Internet consumers across Pakistan are gradually becoming online sellers. These entrepreneurs are able to generate a livelihood, sitting at home, at their own pace without any pressure.

One such entrepreneur Gujranwala based, 16-year-old, Zaid Asghar, who is an inspiration to all budding entrepreneurs in the country.

Zaid runs his own shop on the online shopping platform where he deals in mobile accessories and other similar products. Belonging to a developing city, Zaid is the perfect example of what entrepreneurial spirit is: smart, dedicated and willing to take risks.

Zaid’s story is not without struggle, he lost his father when he was younger, leaving Zaid’s household without a breadwinner. Knowing that he would have to step up and aware of his duties, he was always on the lookout for something to do.

To start a shop on the e-commerce platform, was his own idea, “After having researched a fair bit, I came to the conclusion that the best way to start earning with minimal investment was with an online business,” he said.

He was worried at first about losses because he had no way to overcome them but Zaid went to nearby Lahore to get the best quality products and still makes that journey with his friends whenever he needs restock for his business, “Now, I make enough from my business to cover my expenses including my college fees and I also contribute to household expenses,” he says with pride.

Zaid wants to focus is on his education and aspires to get into the University of Engineering & Technology, a top-tier institution in the region. Running an e-commerce business gives him time to study and keep his finances stable.

Zaid, is the perfect case study for how e-commerce can be helpful for people from small, developing towns of the nation.

Like Zaid, many other have been able to earn a living in comforts of their homes. If you know a story worth sharing with the world, email us., in March announced that by 2022, they are aiming to cross 25M monthly visitors, 200,000 active Daraz Sellers trained through Daraz University. Zaid is one of the many success stories to emerge out of the sellers base currently using Daraz to transform their lives for the good of their families and the country.

This story has been done in collaboration with the sponsor Daraz.

Written by Brand Voice
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