Diabetes isn’t a problem when you are ordering from foodpanda

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People say that too much sugar could preset diabetes, obesity and several heart-diseases too, so the caution is often advised. The World Diabetes Day, which is held every year on November 14, focuses on increasing awareness of this harmful condition among the general public.

Now, on this World Diabetes Day, Foodpanda is giving its users an option to order Diabetic-free food from certified eateries just from a touch on their smartphones.

Diabetes happens to be one of the most common diseases caused by improper body reaction on improper food intakes. In Pakistan alone, there is quite a lot of population which is suffering from Diabetes. According to a recent research by The Diabetes Prevalence Survey of Pakistan, about 35.3m of the adult population was suffering from some form of diabetes. This is a huge number as it corresponds to as much as 16.9% of the total population. This number could be decreased only if the general public is made more aware about the type of food that they are in-taking.

Moreover, in the said state of affairs, in Pakistan especially, it becomes quite difficult for general users to have an access to food which is diabetic-free and to even know about it. Keeping this problem in mind, Foodpanda, the mobile food-delivery service, the customers can search sugar-free food in search bar and find healthy choices to order from.
In case you have been wondering about restaurants, which might offer you Diabetes (Sugar) -free food. Wander no more, as foodpanda has put together a comprehensive list, right here. These restaurants are offering healthy foods for Diabetic patients and everybody can just go there and order from the list. No tension on the head, neither in the veins.

    • Neco’s natural store café
    • United King- Qalaqand and Rabri
    • Greeno juice bar
    • Organigo
    • Waffle Cart- Sugarfree Waffles
    • Lal’s patisserie – Dark Chocolate Sugar free
    • Mr juice


This is for the first time ever that a technology company has gone ahead with an awareness for eateries to go diabetic-free. Once the trend goes universally acceptable, we can accept more and more eateries to join the bandwagon and start offering an option of Diabetic-free food for their audiences.

Written by Brand Voice
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