Diagnosed with cancer, this entrepreneur is selling his tech venture

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Founder Webvanta, Michael Slater puts his tech company for sale. Diagnosed with intestinal cancer, Slater sadly announces his eight year old venture for bidding. He announced the sad news on his Facebook account and blog.

Operating as a software-as-a-service (SAAS), Webvanta is a content management platform that provides web development support. Over the course of its operations, the venture has facilitated various organizations to develop complex educational websites and delivered over 400 projects. Their portfolio includes UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, Music Academy of the West, Sonoma State University and many others.

The founder has previously lead the Microprocessor Report and Microprocessor Forum for 12 years, before joining Adobe in 2007. Unsure of his medical condition, Slater is assessing bidders and looks forward to close a deal in the coming month. The difficult decision was made by Slater, owing to his top priority to continue providing services and support to his customer base. Whilst his health is on constant decline, the founder is unable to contribute towards the company like he did and in order to gain a resource pool, the decision to sell the company was taken.

His recently initiated blog, Parting Thoughts paints a sad picture of his life’s illustrious journey. The withering entrepreneur is bravely penning down his entrepreneurial journey in a book as well.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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