Efficient GPS Chips with 50% less battery consumption coming to smartphones

By TechJuice on
September 26, 2017
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GPS Chips for smartphones launching in 2018 will be efficient and consume 50% less battery too.

Although much has been said about the visual treats on smartphones but if the GPS chips prove to be fast, efficient and less power consuming, it will add to the smartphone experience by allowing the battery juice to last a while longer.

IEEE Spectrum has announced that these new chips are ready for the production and are ready to be installed in consumer products. So we can expect to see these advanced chips in smartphones, GPS navigators, tablets etc to be launched in 2018. To put things in perspective, the current GPS chips in smartphones have a location accuracy of 5-meters (500-centimeters) but with the latest chip it will drop down to only 30-centimeters. That’s massively accurate and will find numerous applications in daily life.

In addition, to improvements in the chip, the GPS system in smartphones has been improved as well. With the latest version, smartphones will be able to connect to L5 satellites for the first time. L5 gives out more accurate signals than the L1 satellites.

Right now there is no information on which smartphones will come equipped with the latest chips but we can expect the flagships launching in the next year at least to have this latest technology.

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