Elon Musk Is Aiming To Launch his Starship Next Month

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While responding to a question from one of his followers, Musk said that the private space firm is targeting a launch attempt in March. “If the remaining tests go well, we’ll have a starship We will attempt to launch,” he wrote.

The starship has been an ever-changing target for much of the past year and a half, we have strong reasons to believe that next month the rocket will finally fly. It seems that SpaceXas reported by Elon Musk himself via Twitter could be prepared for March of this year to try to complete the long-awaited orbital test flight of the Starship.

Of course, this SpaceX project is really ambitious. And it is that, even before having been put to the test, it can already be confirmed that it is a real beast. This measures 120 meters high and is theoretically capable of producing up to 7,590 tons of thrust at sea level. It is bigger, taller, heavier, and more powerful than any other rocket launch story.

The simple fact of ensuring that the Starship can reach orbit It is a great challenge, although it will be even greater to recover it later. Also, there are no guarantees that early prototypes will be reusable even if they are recovered. Elon Musk tweeted:

“From an environmental point of view, obviously it’s also much better to ‘build a ‘fully reusable’ vehicle, as rockets are traditionally thrown away after each launch. However, at the moment it is unknown if it will be possible.”

The starship had already completed its tests and back in January, it successfully completed its first stacked fuel fill test. “Wet Dress Rehearsal”, SpaceX found that it had loaded both stages of the vehicle with more than 10 million pounds of liquid oxygen and methane fuel. Critically, the company launch He also went through some countdown procedures that he had to complete on his day.

SpaceX The most important of all the tests he had to perform was the Super Heavy scene. 33 Raptors static ignition of the entire engine. To date, the company has not simultaneously fired more than 14 engines. 

SpaceX That will need to change before it can get approval for an orbital test flight from the Federal Aviation Administration. By the end of January, there were signs that SpaceX was preparing to conduct static test launches as early as the first week of February. This did not happen. However, Musk’s comment, SpaceX seems to indicate that he will try the test sooner before it’s too late.

The central objective of the Starship is to transport cargo and groups of people beyond Earth. Elon Musk has always presented the rocket as crucial to establishing a human presence elsewhere on the Moon and Mars. Knowing all this, we can only wait.

Meanwhile, SpaceX’s multi-billion dollar contract to use Starship to return NASA astronauts to the Moon is still on the table and we must add that the company already has many plans to build variants of it.

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