Elon Musk’s College Girlfriend Auctions Photos and Mementos for over $165,000

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Elon Musk

An auction firm in Boston said on Thursday that college images of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and souvenirs from his girlfriend at the time brought in a combined total of $165,000 during the sale.

The auction firm RR Auction, located in Boston, said that it was a collection of images and memorabilia from Musk’s college sweetheart Jennifer Gwynne that had never been seen before.

On Wednesday, Musk altered the photo that represented him on Twitter to one of the two. He is now engaged in a public spat with Twitter in an effort to back out of a $44 billion proposal to purchase the social media business, and a high-stakes trial on the issue is scheduled to take place in October.

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Gwynne stated that she read about an auction of test papers that Musk had graded and realized that she had far more personal materials that she might sell. These goods include candid photographs, a birthday card from him, and a necklace that he gave her. Gwynne made this revelation to The Boston Globe.

During the years 1994 and 1995, when they were both students at the University of Pennsylvania, Musk and Gwynne were romantically involved. According to Gwynne, they broke up when Musk graduated from college, relocated to California, and said that he was unable to chat on the phone since doing so seemed like a waste of his time.

Gwynne shared her side, saying, “We split up right before he started conquering the globe.”

The gold necklace that included a little green emerald and was given to Gwynne by Musk as a birthday present in late 1994 fetched a price of $51,000 at auction. According to the auction house, the price of $42,000 was paid for a photograph that showed Musk and Gwynne sitting with four other resident advisors before a school formal in 1995. Nearly $17,000 was paid for the birthday card that Elon Musk had signed to Gwynne’s friend, dubbing her”Boo-Boo.

Each of the 18 candid images was put up for sale separately. Some images depict Musk in North Providence, Rhode Island, which is also the hometown of Gwynne. She has now relocated to South Carolina, and according to The Globe, she has stated that she intends to put some of the money toward her stepson’s further education. She and Musk have not remained in contact with one another.