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Everyone’s favorite filter app, Prisma, has finally come to Android

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Seen some cool artistically gorgeous pictures floating around your social media? While some of them may indeed be genuine, most of them are the work of a viral new app called Prisma. Up until yesterday, only iOS users could use the app but now, the Android users could join in the fun too.

What is Prisma?

Prisma is an app that apply filters to photos. That may not sound that interesting because filters have been around for a long time but Prisma has a cool trick up its sleeve. It uses some pretty complex machine-learning techniques to create some awesome filters. These filters can then be applied to any photo, and however bland or dull the photo may be, Prisma will turn it into a work of art.


In barely a month since it was released on iOS, it has already managed to jump to the top of the charts. Photos edited with Prisma are everywhere, from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter, and yet, we can’t just get tired of seeing them.

How can I get Prisma for Android?

Finally, Prisma has been released for Android too, but there is a small catch! The app is only available as a Beta version for now. If you want to get the Beta version, you can click on the link below, scroll down and click on “Sign up for news” below Android.

Download Prisma Beta for Android.

Writer’s Note: I signed up as soon as the announcement was made yesterday but still haven’t received a link to the beta version. So be prepared to wait for it.

Image— AndroidAuthority, TheNextWeb

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