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Facebook is testing Name Pronunciation feature

Written by Sarwat Fatima ·  42 sec read >

Facebook has been testing a feature that lets you add a small audio clip of your name pronunciation on your profile. Only a few members of TechJuice team were able to activate and test this feature. Apparently, the feature is currently open to a small group of people for testing and getting user feedback. We tested the feature and the pronunciation almost got our name accurate.

If your location is at US or if you are an English speaker, you might be able to test this feature else you will have to wait till Facebook roll out the update for everyone. If you are really eager to test it out, Open your Facebook on a web browser, and select the about tab. From About tab, click on “Details About You”, you might be presented with the following question “How do you say your name?”. Now you can either select from name options or create a sequence of your own.

This is how the feature looked on one of our team member’s Facebook profile. Let us know if you are able to activate this feature in the comment section below. Featured Image Credits – The Next Web

Fatima Rizwan

Fatima Rizwan




Written by Sarwat Fatima
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