Facebook messenger lite is coming to these countries

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A lightweight version of Facebook messenger which consumes just 10MB is coming with no unnecessary features. All it does is what it is expected to do — messaging.

Facebook Messenger Light and other lightweight versions of applications have been around for a long time. Initially, these versions were launched for emerging economies of the world where cheap smartphones with limited storage capacity are more prevalent but with time, these lightweight applications are progressing towards the developed economies. The reason behind this move is less storage consumption and to the point functions.

Now the messenger lite is making its way to US, UK, Canada, and Ireland.

Facebook Messenger LiteWith limited features like messaging and wifi-calls, the users will be able to keep a check on their data bundles. The interface of this light messenger is still similar to the original full-fledged version but in-app games, automated messaging etc are still missing. You can download the messenger from here.

Written by TechJuice
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