Facebook Messenger

Instagram Threads now lets you message everyone

Instagram launched its Threads app last year which allowed you to message and share intimate stuff with their close...

Oct 9 ·>

Facebook launches Messenger Rooms to go head to head with Zoom

Facebook has unveiled a new video chat feature called Messenger Rooms to compete with the likes of Zoom in...

Apr 26 ·>

Facebook Messenger’s newest ‘mode’ is so ‘dark’ and here’s how you can get it

Hi Messenger! You are getting so dark, you sure you’re from the Facebook universe. Facebook Messenger users can now...

Mar 4 ·>

Facebook now allows you to unsend a message within 10 minutes

Facebook has finally followed through on its promise to allow all users to unsend messages sent on Messenger after...

Feb 8 ·>

Facebook Messenger will now translate your messages in English and Spanish

Facebook introduces a new M Translation feature to its platform that will automatically translate the messages between English and...

Jun 22 ·>

Facebook is adding ‘Unsend’ feature in Messenger after Zuckerberg’s messages controversy

Facebook is having a lot of trouble since the last few weeks as the company has been in many...

Apr 7 ·>
Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg admits Facebook Messenger app scans your conversations

Facebook scans the photos and links people send to each other on Facebook Messenger. Facebook reads private chat messages...

Apr 5 ·>

Facebook copies Snapchat again

Facebook continues its “streak” to copy Snapchat and introduced the Snapchat’s streak feature in its Messenger as well. Facebook...

Nov 23 ·>
Facebook SnapChat

You can finally send high-resolution photos on Facebook Messenger

It’s time for another update for one of the Facebook’s owned apps. This time, the Facebook Messenger is in...

Nov 22 ·>

Facebook messenger lite is coming to these countries

A lightweight version of Facebook messenger which consumes just 10MB is coming with no unnecessary features. All it does...

Oct 3 ·>

70 million people are posting ‘Stories’ on Facebook Messenger and we’re as surprised as you are

How many times have you used Facebook Messenger for posting ‘Stories’? Turns out quite a large number of people...

Sep 15 ·>

Facebook launches Messenger Lite app in over 120 countries

Facebook today challenged the authority of many messenger apps by launching its own Messenger Lite app in over 120...

May 2 ·>