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Facebook rolled out ‘Educator Hub’ for supporting Teachers and Students

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  48 sec read >

On Monday Facebook launched a feature known as ‘The Educator Hub’ for facilitating the teachers to find and build their online community and discover different resources for the classroom and beyond as schools are about to reopen.

The Back-to-school season looks different this year due to a stressful COVID-19 pandemic phase. Parents, teachers, and students have been facing myriad challenges from remote teaching, learning, and balancing home and work-related responsibilities.

Facebook rolled out the feature on its blog that read: “That’s why we are launching and Educator Hub to support teachers and provide resources across our apps to help people navigate the new school year, stay connected and take care of each other.”

The hub aims to recognize the different impacts of the pandemic, and also include sections dedicated to mental health and teacher connectivity, in order to facilitate support for people dealing with different challenges posed by the situation. The hub also has a dedication section for reaching racial equalities, as well as a listing of Facebook tools that students and tutors can use for staying connected.

Facebook is already playing a crucial role in several school communities, over 1 million users have now participated in the homeschooling groups within its app. The latest guidelines of Facebook about the usage and the digital literacy elements could be helpful as more kids spend time online during the lockdown.