Facebook rolls out automatic subtitling for Page videos

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Facebook has launched automatic video captioning feature for the pages.

With this feature, Facebook page admins will be able to upload subtitles SRT files with the videos or they can also automatically generate captions for videos. Page admins will get the option to correct if there are any mistakes in the automatically generated subtitles.
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The feature has quietly begun to roll out for pages in America and it will be made available globally soon. As per now, only English pages are getting this feature and automatic subtitles are available in US English language only, for now.

Whenever Page admins will upload a video, they will encounter two options under “Captions” tab: ‘Upload SRT file’ and ‘Generate’. Also, Facebook breaks down subtitles into small fragments with time stamps so that admins can edit and play a segment for accuracy.

facebook captions
This is another way of digital marketing. Facebook first rolled out auto-captioning for video ads in February 2016 to get head-to-head with the competitor in advertising, Youtube. This feature will be helpful for those who want to watch videos quietly, especially in public places.

The social media giant, Facebook and Google dominate the digital ad market, leading the charts with 57.6%, according to a survey. Facebook has been introducing new and cool features for advertising so that it can attract marketers from competitors like Youtube and Snapchat.

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