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Facebook will require your clear photo for CAPTCHA now

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You might soon be greeted with ‘Upload a photo of yourself that clearly shows your face’ in case of any suspicious activity in your Facebook account. This uploaded photo will be used to identify a suspicious or bot activity on Facebook platform.

Let’s suppose you are actively using Facebook in Pakistan and then your account is logged in through Russia. Facebook considers this an unusual and suspicious activity for which it requires identification of your true self.

This is one of the extreme steps taken by Facebook to check out the identity of a person. In this age, when bots are everywhere, there are many fake profiles and pages being run through bots. Facebook thinks that the prompt of uploading a clear picture will help making a distinction between a real person or bot. The new feature of Facebook came to light through a Tweet. Facebook has confirmed that it is indeed working on one such feature.

As far as the security and privacy are concerned, Facebook has clearly mentioned in the prompt that the picture will be deleted from the server once the verification has been done.

Facebook has been taking action to ensure its users’ safety and privacy since the inception. Just recently, in order to curb revenge porn on social network, it asked its users to upload their nudes photos. The nude photos are converted to a digital footprint and are compared with other nude pictures uploaded on the platform. This can help Facebook track down on people doing revenge porn.

Written by TechJuice
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