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FBR has Launched Application for Asaan tax returns

Written by AbuBakar ·  1 min read >

Federal Board of Revenue has launched a mobile application for Android and Apple users to file tax returns from their phones. The application is named as “Tax Asaan”.

Earlier on Thursday, the Chairman FBR Shabbar Zaidi announced that the application is supposed to provide a facility to salaried people to file income tax returns from the comfort of their homes. The application is another step closer to completely digitize the tax system of the country. It requires the simplest steps to become a filer.

The application gives the option to pay tax through mobile banking, which makes it easy for people who like to avoid long and hassle-prone procedures. The app also allows sales tax registration and online verification of active taxpayers list, Point of Sale (POS) invoices, Whatnot taxes, and exemptions.

People can do anything from tax filing to sales tax registration with just using their NTN, SRTN, CNIC, Passport and Reg/Inc number. It would help reduce corruption and ensure tax evasion is no longer an issue.

Here is how to use the Application:

First, download the application from the Apple store or Play store

* Open the application and log in from your IRIS account,

* On the homepage, click on the “Income Tax”,

* There will two options for taxpayers; choose E-enrollment, and if you’re not registered choose the other one that would take you to the registration, and assets inquiry section

* To complete the registration process, you will receive an email with your password, PIN and registration number.
* You can use this registration number and password to sign in to the Tax Asaan app.
* After that it would take you to the form, which is easy to fill.