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WiFi Boosters – A Necessity in Pakistan

Avatar Written by Fatima Hasan · 2 min read>

How many times have you had your streaming interrupted? Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or YouTube – all require us to watch and send videos, gifs and other related media. Buffering takes longer than we expect, and there is a lot to be done in a small span of time. WiFi speed does not only determine how fast information travels, but also how fast you can see and respond to a certain message.

A large extent of marketing takes place online, and with changing trends, like product reviews, bloggers’ views and popular culture, all trending high on social media. High speed internet has become a requirement if you want to keep up with your friends, family and social groups. Smartphones, video sharing on WhatsApp, and other such mediums have become a focal point of interaction in many households, and friends’ gatherings.

Another growing commodity for Pakistanis (in entertainment) is Netflix. People buy an account and allow their extended family or friends to access it. This is another major reason why we need good internet speed. Videos on Netflix tend to buffer repeatedly if WiFi speed is slow, and too many people are using WiFi. Research shows, our WiFi service providers withhold the speed to reduce costs. This is primarily why Pakistanis generally switch from one WiFi connection to the other.

We have quite a few service providers, and not enough speed to go around. While optic fibers can be found in many places in Pakistan, especially in global companies, students and households cannot afford the service domestically or for personal use. WiFi Booster is a good solution for all of us. It is available online for retail and shipping directly to Pakistan. WiFi Booster guarantees that it is the best possible deal. Shipping information is required for Olx and others delivering the device.

WiFi Booster only amplifies the speed and reach of your current WiFi provider so you don’t need to change your service provider. Finding a durable connection is a trial and error exercise. We live in the age of information, and fast WiFi is a key to all information. WiFi dead zones can be a pain in the neck, when segments of your house do not receive any WiFi signals. A desi way to kill these “dead zones” is to move the router to a different part of the house, or paying for two WiFi connections which is an additional and unnecessary cost. Calling the service providers never helps either. They are either too slow to resolve issues or often times completely unresponsive.

WiFi Booster is the solution we have all been looking for. It comes in a small package, but double the speed and distributes it to the farther corners of your house. This device helps combat these dead zones and extend WiFi connectivity across your boundary walls. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your WiFi connection is protected by a strong password. Multiple devices work perfectly with WiFi Booster so you can watch videos, stream Netflix and download games simultaneously and uninterrupted. If you love watching videos, playing online games, or sending large files on WhatsApp, WiFi Booster will put an end to your long wait.

It is very easy to install, extremely affordable, and universally compatible with all WiFi providers. All you have to do is plug it in, and connect. It does not have any external antennae or a whole paraphernalia of things attached. For more information click here.