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FIA directed to probe fraudulent Online Shopping Sites

Written by Ali Leghari ·  55 sec read >

Online shopping is not a new phenomenon, people tend to buy things from online shopping sites while sitting at home. But for the past few months, many phony and fraudulent online shopping sites are in action and doing damage to consumers and swindling them in name of online shopping.

To curb this problem finally a step has been taken by district consumer protection court ordering FIA to probe these fraudulent sites. The order was issued when a citizen filed a complaint against an online site fleecing him in the name of online shopping.

Muhammad Umar of Gujrat filed a complaint with district consumer court judge Bakht Fakhar Behzad. He said he purchased a black color leather jacket through shipment No. 772177601294 and customer reference No. A 01-28-2017 through website The product was delivered to him by TCS, Gujrat, and the product was found defective, reports Dawn News.

Over the past year, many e-commerce websites have started working and are serving in a good manner. Pakistan’s e-commerce industry is gradually becoming more stable. So keeping this progress in view government should deal with online fraudulent with iron hands.

Moving forward, FIA has been very vigilant on social media site, arresting people over misuse of social media platform. Recently CTD arrested a social media user over blasphemy issue, after being convicted of such charges, the court has given him the death sentence. This is the first case in the history of the country where someone is put to death over misuse of social media.

Feature Image Source: SamaaTV