Firefox is taking on Tor browser to upgrade its security

By Muneeb Ahmad on
November 3, 2017
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Mozilla Firefox, the famous web browser, is going to increase its security by opting for Tor like features.

Mozilla, the maker of Firefox, is planning to add a security update whereby they will be removing the user tracking feature from their browser. The browser previously had the user-tracking feature, known as canvas fingerprinting, which followed the users using unique identifiers, as they hopped from website to website. The future update might still have the tracking option as done through cookies, which is quite different as compared to the canvas fingerprinting.

Once this feature is removed, the websites and other advertisers will have to resort to other methods for tracking their user base like that by using cookies as the canvas fingerprinting, previously used to track the users across several sites, will, however, no longer be available. As reported by TheNextWeb, Mozilla plans to remove this feature in the next Firefox update which is planned to roll out early next year.

Mozilla is a non-profit organization that doesn’t make any monetary gains out of Firefox. And probably that’s because they have decided to go against canvas fingerprinting. The matter of one’s privacy while staying online and the freedom on the internet, have often been debated. And this step might yield Mozilla a lot of backlash from other tech giants which are actively monetizing through targeted advertising.

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