A win for Privacy. Mozilla bans cookies with the new Total Cookie Protection feature

For privacy-focused users, who are particularly bothered by cookies tracking them, Mozilla has a viable solution. Mozilla – the...

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Feb 26 · >

Firefox new feature tells you if your email is breached

Mozilla Firefox remains the go-to browser for individuals with complaints against memory-intensive applications and other privacy concerns. Last year,...

Jun 26 · >

Mozilla brings ‘Firefox focus’ for fast and smart features

Over the past few years, we have seen tremendous improvements in the web browsers. They have become more efficient...

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Dec 16 · >

Firefox will soon warn you about hacked websites

Mozilla will soon introduce a new feature in Firefox that will warn its users before they open a hacked...

Nov 28 · >

Mozilla introduced Firefox Quantum, 2X faster than the original Firefox

Firefox was once the most loved and most used internet browser. But then Google Chrome took its place and...

Nov 16 · >

Firefox is taking on Tor browser to upgrade its security

Mozilla Firefox, the famous web browser, is going to increase its security by opting for Tor like features. Mozilla,...

Nov 3 · >

Mozilla launches file-sharing tool for Firefox

After a long time, Mozilla has launched three test pilot experiment updates for its web browser Firefox. The experimental...

Aug 2 · >

Microsoft’s experiments show that Chrome is the worst browser, in terms of battery life

Microsoft has conducted a series of battery test experiments to show which browser is the most battery efficient. The...

Jun 20 · >