First Pakistani female student gets selected for international training at CERN

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May 29, 2020
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Zoniah Ahmad recently made waves by becoming the first female student from Pakistan to secure a prestigious opportunity at CERN.

The Masters student has been selected for international training at the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland, where she will be working in the world’s largest particle physics laboratory.

In an interview with PakiScience, Ahmad talked a bit about her field of work.

“I am working here in Technology Department of MSC (Magnets, Superconductors and Cryostats) where I help in designing, constructing and measuring superconducting magnets for the CERN accelerator complex with my team. Here we develop associated technologies, namely superconductors, insulation and polymers, superconducting electrical devices and magnetic measurements for present and future accelerators, she explained.

She also enthused about being part of CERN and how she wishes to represent Pakistan in a positive light through her work at such a prestigious institution.

“I am proud of Pakistan being an associate member of CERN and it’s big contribution. I am glad that I am representing my country and it’s positive image around the globe, she said.


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