CERN is planning to build a $23 billion 100-kilometer long super-collider

The CERN Council recently approved plans to build a super-collider measuring 100-km in circumference. The huge particle collider is...

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Jun 26 · >

First Pakistani female student gets selected for international training at CERN

Zoniah Ahmad recently made waves by becoming the first female student from Pakistan to secure a prestigious opportunity at...

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May 29 · >

Sameed Muhammed, a Pakistani physicist, is part of the CERN team that made a breakthrough discovery on antimatter

A recent experiment conducted at CERN led to a breakthrough achievement in the field of Physics that may even...

Aug 11 · >

I am a Pakistani & this is how I made my way to CERN

My name is Sameed Muhammed. I grew up in Islamabad in a middle class family that was paranoid about...

Jul 24 · >

The World’s largest machine shut down by a tiny animal

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, a machine whose operating budget comes out at $1 billion per year, was shut down...

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May 2 · >