Free courses on Laravel for Web Developers

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Most popular web platforms such as Facebook run on PHP. The best way to become a specialist in PHP is by learning a web framework and for that, we have Laravel here. It’s a free opensource framework which was released 7 years ago and it follows the model–view–controller architectural pattern for development. Given below are our picks for the top free courses if you want to learn Laravel:

Make A Blog In Laravel 5.2 – Udemy

This introductory course by Udemy will teach you about different concepts of Laravel through a practical implementation of a blog. You will learn about the basic installation of Laravel and then about creating posts and categories for your blog as well as an admin interface. The course spans 36 video lectures with 5 hours worth of content to teach you about the basics.

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Laravel 5.7 from Scratch – Laracasts

From explaining why you should code in Laravel to basic installation, integrating databases and more, this course has been the go-to for learning Laravel since 2013. It consists of 31 episodes which will explain almost everything there is to know about Laravel. The series is not complete yet but it is extensive and offers much to learn about this web framework.

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