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With the emergence of Onic, a new digital experience by PTML in the telecommunications arena that claims to change the game by offering a completely fresh perspective on how customers can enjoy their telco experience, it didn’t take long for their established rivals to voice their apprehensions. 

With the newcomer’s promises of offering a hassle-free digital onboarding experience at your doorstep, coupled with their offerings that truly bring independence to the users through their limitless plans and special founders club benefits and discounts, it is plausible that these competitors perceived the newcomer as a formidable digital force, potentially posing a threat to their market share or raising concerns about customer attrition, which could, in turn, affect their own telecom brands. This isn’t the first instance where this litigious competitor has employed such tactics; they have previously engaged in legal disputes centered around claims of superior 4G technology. The recurrent prevalence of these anti-competitive maneuvers is indeed disconcerting, as customers should ideally have the liberty to select from a diverse range of options.

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In this unfolding narrative, the underdog finds themselves in the crosshairs, squarely targeted and braving the repercussions of the industry’s established legacy telcos. This lopsided dynamic often creates a challenging terrain for the emerging player, laden with obstacles strategically positioned by their more influential counterparts.

This situation serves as a sad reminder of the trials faced by newcomers venturing into an industry where established giants hold sway. Their pursuit to carve a niche and provide an alternative for consumers is an uphill battle. It becomes increasingly evident that the legacy telcos, who dominate the industry, appear hesitant to embrace the inevitable changes of the future. Instead of evolving with the ever-shifting landscape, they seem tethered to outdated business models. This reluctance to adapt not only hinders their own progression but also casts a shadow over the industry’s collective advancement, stifling the exploration of innovative technologies and pioneering solutions.

In contrast, the fresh entrant symbolizes a novel perspective and a resolute commitment to consumer empowerment. By daring to challenge the existing norms, they endeavor to safeguard the customers’ right to choose from a spectrum of options, thereby fostering a robust and fair competition that benefits the industry at large.


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