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Global Carpooling Service Tripda Arrives in Pakistan

Written by Uzair Ahmed ·  2 min read >

Rocket Internet-backed ride-sharing service Tripda has arrived in Pakistan for the use of local commuters. The service is available free-of-cost for drivers to post their rides and routes, and connect with passengers on the way to share the journey and expenses.

Tripda, a global carpooling network that provides services via web and mobile apps, was originally launched less than a year ago in Brazil. Having received an undisclosed amount of Series A funding from the Germany-based online startup incubator Rocket Internet, it has expanded to 13 countries in total so far. Other locations where Tripda provides services include US, Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan, India, and others.

Posting or joining rides on Tripda requires the user to connect their Facebook account with the service. This is the only way to use Tripda and there is not alternative registration procedure. Tripda maintains that this ensures trust-building and safety of the users as it lets them know who exactly they are travelling with. Mobile number and e-mail confirmation also increase the chances of hooking-up with potential passengers.

Posting a ride on Tripda using the web app, once the user has registered, is a 7-step process:

  1. Select whether the ride is one-time or recurring.
  2. Select the route (departure and arrival points). Driver can also add stopovers to increase the chances of picking-up passengers.
  3. Select date(s) and time(s) of the ride. If the ride is recurring, driver can select days on which s/he will be offering the ride.
  4. Enter price-per-passenger.
  5. Select Payment method (only Cash is available as an option in Pakistan as of yet.)
  6. Enter car information, such as make, model, available seats, level of comfort of the car, etc.
  7. Enter additional details such as allowed luggage, detour time and duration flexibility.


Tripda uses an expenditure-calculating algorithm to automatically suggest a ‘fair price’ for the route(s). A driver can increase the asking price but it can hurt their chances of finding potential passengers, as the latter can filter the rides according to the cost. Once all the information is provided, driver can post the ride. A driver can also set their preferences (like Music, conversation habits, allowing food and pets on the vehicle, etc.) and car details from the ‘My Account’ panel.

Searching for a ride, on the other hand, is as simple as entering departure and arrival spots using the provided search tool. Passengers can contact the driver using a built-in contact form and their message will be relayed to the driver immediately, who can thereafter contact the potential passenger for further discussion on the ride. Once the trip is complete, passengers can rate the driver on a 5-star scale to share their experience.

One of the most interesting features of Tripda is ‘Ladies only rides’ which restricts the ride for female commuters. Given the prevalent social norms of South Asian countries like Pakistan, this feature would definitely have a great appeal for female drivers and passengers. The drivers only have to set the ride as ‘Ladies only’ while posting it, and such rides can be filtered by passengers on the web app.

Tripda: Female drivers can set their ride as 'Ladies only'
Female drivers can set their rides as ‘Ladies only’

Despite the increasing internet penetration and awareness among the citizens, there is no rock-solid evidence that such services have any huge demand in the country. Moreover, Tripda already has a rival in the form of Savaree in Pakistan and these two services are the only major players in carpooling domain in the country. Although the core mode of operation of the two services is nearly identical, Tripda’s operating model is a lot more mature thanks to its global presence and the backing of an international giant. It will be interesting to see how Savaree proceeds not only to compete with Tripda but also generate any significant demand for a newfangled concept.

Tripda apps: Web appAndroid (Play Store) | iOS (App Store)

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