Google AI can predict heart disease through your eyes faster than doctors

Written by Nimra Puri ·  58 sec read >

Google’s Artificial Intelligence software can now predict person’s heart condition by just observing into his/her eyes. According to the report published yesterday in the Nature Journal biomedical Engineering on a research paper conducted by a scientist from Google and its health-tech Subsidiary Verily.

Google AI can easily survey eye images with a 45-degree field of view. Through that software it can analyze the blood pressure, individual age and whether the person smokes or not. All these factors were previously told by the doctor about person’s heart condition after conducting several tests, now it can be done in one single analysis step.

Google and Verily analyzed a medical data set of nearly 300,000 patients eyes from UK and US through machine learning software.

More research would resolve whether the model needs to be adjusted for larger or smaller photos for the better outcome and authentic result. Google Algorithms will scan the back of the patient’s eye, as a rear interior wall of the eye is full of blood vessels which can be used to judge a person’s overall health in a medical point of view.

Meanwhile, software is not yet ready for clinical testing but this can be a good innovation of “Cardiovascular Health”.

Luke Oakden-Rayner, a medical researcher at the University of Adelaide who specializes in machine learning analysis, said: “They’re taking data that’s been captured for one clinical reason and getting more out of it than we currently do”.

Google AI can be a promising model for the company in terms of medical view but it will take many testings before it can be used in a clinical testing.