Google Assistant comes to Android TV

Written by Uzair Khalid ·  38 sec read >
Android TV

Google Assistant is finally available on Android TV. It is now available on 4 platforms including Android, iOS, Google Home and Android TV. Currently, it is available on Nvidia Shield TV control and soon will be available for all other Android TV devices including Sony Bravia TVs.

Google Assistant for Android can play many types of content. It can play movies, TV shows, YouTube clips, and music. It can also play movies and TV shows from Netflix and HBO Now on your command. You can ask it to play movies and TV shows by name or you can ask in different ways like “movies about climbing Mount Everest” and it will show you a list of related movies. It also supports YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, and Pandora.

Apps for Google Assistant works on Android TV as well. It is also aware of your Calendar appointments and will keep reminding you about the events. The Google Assistant is a part of the software update for Android TV. Make sure to check for updates in your software updates section.

Written by Uzair Khalid
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