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Google Chrome Termed as the ‘Most Unsafe’ Browser of 2022

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Google Chrome Termed as the 'Most Unsafe' Browser of 2022
From January 1 to October 5 Google Chrome encountered some 303 vulnerabilities, which is the highest amongst many leading browsers

In a recent survey conducted by Atlas VPN, Google Chrome emerged to be the most unsafe internet browser of 2022. The list was followed by other major names include Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

The figures mentioned in this report were originated by the vulnerability database (VulDB). This database basically collected the data from 1st January to 5th of October. During this period it noticed that Google Chrome come across 303 vulnerability in a period of 10 months. These were surprising numbers and made Google Chrome top the list of the most unsafe browser of 2022.

Some of the most common web browsers such as Apple, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and many others are included in this list. But as we know security is a lost treasure in todays world so to trust any browser with your personal details will be nothing less than wearing a blind fold.

Mozilla Firefox isn’t even safe now as it stands on the 2nd number in the list if unsafe web browser due to the detection of 117 vulnerabilities. Not just this but Microsoft Edge will soon join the list by having 103 security issue in 2022. Microsoft Edge is also been affected by a total sum of 806 vulnerabilities and an increased percentage of 62% since last year 2021.

Apple Safari another top Web browser have been quite safe until now as only 26 vulnerabilities have been detected, it still remains the Web bowser with least number of vulnerabilities among others. However, in the whole life span of Apple Safari a total of 1139 vulnerabilities have been recorded, which should not be ignored in terms of one’s security.

Opera browser, which has found itself a large customer base in the last few years, turned out to be the safest one yet.
Even after having 344 vulnerabilities in a total course, Opera Safari still remained to be the safest. Not even a single vulnerability was noted this year for Opera browser.

Since Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers are all based on the same Chromium engine, the vulnerabilities found in Google Chrome might also effect them.


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