Google Docs adds two more handy features

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Who would have thought 20 years ago that people of the future will use desktop browsers and apps to make a text document? Yet here we are today with a handful of useful mobile apps such as Google Docs, which keeps updating with new exciting features regularly — just like this recent update. The search giant Google has announced the addition of new formatting tools in Google Docs which includes the option to adjust page margins per section and option to add section breaks.

A user can now easily use the ruler below the toolbar to change the left and right page margins for any section of the text user wrote in the document. Hence, the Google Docs adjust the setting for whatever option a user has selected or it will adjust it according to the position of your cursor.

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Previously, the regular Google Docs users find it quite annoying that they can’t set margins of a document according to their need and have to set up a global preference for the whole document. With this update, the app necessarily overtakes Microsoft Word in usage – while changing margins for different sections.

Another new feature Docs is adding is the option to insert and view section breaks. To make it up and running, users need to go to Insert -> Break, where you can choose which kind of break you want to add i.e. next page or continuous. By clicking on View > Show section breaks, you will be given an overview of all breaks you have set up.

The new useful and handy features of Google Docs are rolling out to all G Suite editions including the personal Google accounts but this will take about 15 to 30 days for a global roll-out.

Google has been exponentially growing in order to compete with Microsoft in the office suite and has been a worthy contender which provides its services to the masses for free to minimum cost. Though some old folks still prefer to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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