Google Doodle celebrates Earth day in Pakistan

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April 23, 2018
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The World Earth Day was celebrated in 192 countries including Pakistan around the world on 22nd April. Google has created a doodle and has a message of Earth Day.

It was started in 1970 by American senator Gaylord Nelson. Its purpose was to make people around the world aware of environmental protection.

The theme for World Earth Day this year stresses that every individual, policymaker, and business must take an action against plastic pollution in order to protect our ecosystems. The issue of plastic pollution in Pakistan is worsening due to an inadequate solid waste disposal system in many big cities. Urbanization has increased demand for plastic products and since these products are much cheaper and affordable compared to metal, wood and ceramic, its use is increasing day by day. A solid waste collection activity took place by students and volunteers to change behavior towards plastics and educate the general public about the issue.

Renowned scientists and conservationists also delivered an inspiring message about how we can have a positive impact on our planet. In Sunday’s Doodle, Goodall delivered a personal, inspiring message about how we all can have a positive impact on our planet as we observe Earth Day.

Jane Goodall, a British primatologist, and an anthropologist said:

“I think I was born loving animals.My whole childhood really was animals, animals, animals. Out in the rainforest, you learn how everything is interconnected and each little species, even though it may seem insignificant, has a role to play in this tapestry of life.”

What better day than Earth Day to really make a determined effort to live better lives in better harmony with nature. Every single individual matter, every single individual makes some impact on the planet every single day, and we have a choice what kind of difference we are going to make.”

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