Facebook researchers develop tool to convert code from one programming language to another

The researchers at Facebook claim to have developed an artificially intelligent program that converts programming code from one high...

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Pakistan ranks among the fastest growing countries in open source projects, GitHub report

Right around this time every year, GitHub, the world’s leading software development and collaboration platform, releases a report called...

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Nov 10 ·>

The Unsung Women of Science – Part 2

Admiral Grace Murray Hopper This brilliant woman was the “Jane of all trades”. She was born in 1906 in...

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Top 3 courses on Front-End development using React

React is a fairly popular library based on JavaScript used for building user interfaces. It is currently maintained by...

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This is how water droplets will help programmers

Researchers from MIT are developing a technology that transforms water droplets into programmable, interactive tools for better entertainment and...

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This coding tool is a dream come true for programmers

A company based in Zurich by the name of DeepCode is a dream come true for the programmers. The...

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Over 3,000 students in KP learned programming with IT board’s initiative

Pakistan needs more people with IT skills and academia producing less IT graduates than the demand of the country....

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Here are the top 10 nerdiest jokes told by some high on tech programmers

Reddit is an interesting community. You can expect to find thoughtful discussions, informative threads and even jokes all at...

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Meet UrduScript, the first Urdu-based programming language

Our mother tongue, Urdu, is often the subject of much debate in the country. There is a conflict when...

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7 bad programming practices every programmer needs to be aware of in order to avoid them

1. Speed kills.  Write your code carefully, debug it, integrate it, refactor, optimize and repeat.  The challenge is quality,...

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Programming for Absolute Beginners

5 signs that programming is not for you

Computer Programming is not an easy thing as it apparently looks like. I mean yes, it looks cool sitting...

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