Google is bringing its own version of iMessage on Android called Chat

Written by Faisal Saeed ·  54 sec read >

Google is finally going to bring its own Android version of iMessage, a texting service called Chat on its platform. The search giant is going to bring this chat service in UK and France later this month, and all of the Android smartphone users will be able to select this new messaging service for texting.

Similar to the iMessages, Chat provides an easy way of texting on Android, it features read receipts and ellipsis symbols which pops-up inside the chat and indicates if people start typing a message. Moreover, the Chat service allows users to send messages using Wi-Fi, so they can save their cellular data easily. Users can also send high-resolution pictures and videos using this texting service. They are also allowed to activate or disable the texting service whenever they want.

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Google’s product management director Sanaz Ahari said in a statement, “While we’re pleased with this progress, our goal is to seamlessly bring a modern messaging experience to every Android user around the world, regardless of their device or carrier”.

Unlike WhatsApp, Signal, and iMessage, Google’s Chat service doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption in it. Without this security feature, Google can still view users messages on its server and can even turn over those messages to the law enforcement officials in case they ask for it. That poses a serious concern for Android users and security advocates out there. But Google may bring this feature later in its messaging service.