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A 22-Year Old Boy Earns $194,000 At Google:Aims To Retire By 35:Check How He Spends His Money

This article is about people earning so well and how they spend and save their money. It is like...

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Sep 1 · >

Google Introduces Generative AI to Search in India and Japan

First launched in the United States, Google generative AI Search will show text and image results or even summaries...

Aug 31 · >

Google Now Blurs Sexually Explicit Images by Default

Users who do not want the browser to blur explicit image results can simply go into their settings and...

Aug 31 · >

General Motors ‘GM’ Uses Google AI chatbot to handle for its OnStar Service

With the emergence of technology, the world has changed its shape to 360 degrees. AI has become an integral...

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Aug 30 · >

New Google Meet AI Will be Able to Attend Meetings for you

Developed to catch up and remember the important points discussed in your meetings, Google Meet ‘Duet’ feature can also...

Aug 30 · >

How Google Analytics 4 Uses AI To Enhance Your Marketing Data

Automated insights analyze your data, detect anomalies, and highlight new patterns Custom insights enable the user to track specific...

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Aug 24 · >

GenZ Google Engineer Discloses 1-Hour Workday Yielding $150,000 Annually

In a captivating revelation, a young software engineer from Generation Z employed at Google has unveiled a remarkable work...

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Aug 24 · >

Google is Building an AI That Offers Life Advice

Recent report from the New York Times suggests that Google has teamed up with the DeepMind research lab and...

Aug 23 · >

Google Maps Stops Showing Gas Stations to Electric Vehicle Owners

Google is now prioritizing the inclusion of electric vehicle-centric features for EV owners in both Google Maps and built-in...

Aug 18 · >

Launch Of YouTube Premium Is Positive Sign For Google In Pakistan

The introduction of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in Pakistan marks a significant step forward for Google as it...

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Aug 18 · >

You Will Soon be Able to Use Google AI Summarizing Tool on Selected Websites

When going through long and complex pages of articles, users can simply ask the AI summary tool to provide...

Aug 16 · >

Google’s Advertising Revenue Model Is In Danger By An Indian Court

The significant decision has power and could change the landscape of online advertising, The Dehli High Court has decided...

Aug 15 · >

Google Will Start Deleting all Inactive Accounts in December

Have a google account that’s not been active for years? This is your sign to save it from being...

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Aug 11 · >

A Game-Changing Feature By WhatsApp: No More Zoom And Google Meet For Meetings

WhatsApp is bringing another exciting feature for its users. The new feature will allow users to share their computer...

Aug 9 · >

Google Signs MoU To Provide 2000 Scholarships To Balochistan Students

The Balochistan government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Google to provide 2000 scholarships for Balochistan youth....

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Jul 21 · >

Meta Brings WhatsApp to Google Wear OS Smartwatches

Launched in form of a standalone app, the WhatsApp application will allow OS smartwatch owners to engage in text...

Jul 20 · >

Google Launches Strict Policy Against Loan Apps in Pakistan

According to new policies, Loan App developers must submit proof of approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission of...

Jul 19 · >

Google Developing New Android Feature That Auto Enables ‘Airplane Mode’ During Flights

The patented feature, reportedly named as ‘connected flight mode’, will also switch mobile devices back to normal mode once...

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Jul 12 · >

Google’s Office Opening Marks a Milestone for Pakistan’s Tech Industry, TikTok to Follow

The Federal Minister for Information Technology, Aminul Haq, recently made a significant announcement that has garnered attention nationwide. He...

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Jul 6 · >

Government Issues Warning Against ‘Infected’ Google Play Apps

It has been reported that an Android Malware dubbed ‘Goldoson’ is badly affecting Google Pay Store’s/Android applications via the...

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Jul 4 · >

Google Pixel Partners Up With England’s Men’s and Women’s Football Teams

“Together with the England senior men’s and women’s teams, we want to help bring fans closer to the game...

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Jun 28 · >

Google Pixel Fold Review: Unlock The Gap

The pixel fold is a powerful, user-friendly device that gives the pleasure of using it with complete confidence. The...

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Jun 27 · >

A Game-Changing Feature By WhatsApp:Bye Bye To Zoom And Google Meet

As we know, WhatsApp is one of the largest instant messaging apps. WhatsApp is constantly working to enhance its...

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Jun 19 · >

Google Unexpectedly Sells its Domain Hosting Business to Squarespace

Google Domains, which hosted over 10 million domains for businesses and individuals around the world was reportedly sold to...

Jun 19 · >