Google to turn the Android-based smartphones into Earthquake detectors

Naima Rabbie • August 12, 2020

Google to start a worldwide shutdown of Google Play Music app by December

Naima Rabbie • August 5, 2020

Google to lay out a fourth undersea cable, connecting the US to UK and Spain

Hamnah Khalid • July 29, 2020

Google is aiming to make Android Go compulsory for new android devices with 2GB or less RAM

Naima Rabbie • July 22, 2020

Google came up with an AI powered app that can efficiently translate Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Naima Rabbie • July 17, 2020

Google to bring more work tools for G Suite

Naima Rabbie • July 16, 2020

Google is facing yet another lawsuit for breaching user’s privacy

Naima Rabbie • July 15, 2020

Google is going to ban all stalk ware linked advertisements form its platform

Naima Rabbie • July 13, 2020
Android-11-Beta-new-update- TechJuice

Google releases Android 11 Beta 2 for Pixel phones

Naima Rabbie • July 9, 2020

Google to integrate Chat feature in the Gmail Mobile App following Google Meet

Naima Rabbie • July 6, 2020

Google has removed 25 malicious apps involved in stealth of Facebook credentials of users

Naima Rabbie • July 3, 2020

Google rolled out Google Map update for Android Auto mobile app

Naima Rabbie • July 2, 2020

CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook agree to testify at US House’s Antitrust hearing

Hamnah Khalid • July 2, 2020

Google media will not back up the media faults by default

Naima Rabbie • June 30, 2020

Google is going to pay some news publishers for their content

Naima Rabbie • June 26, 2020
Google- securit-settings-TechJuice

Google has now enabled auto-deletion of data for new users

Naima Rabbie • June 25, 2020

Google for Startups Accelerator now accepting applications from Pakistan

Hamnah Khalid • June 24, 2020

Nonprofits by Google added 10 more countries including Pakistan, now cover 67 countries in general

Naima Rabbie • June 23, 2020

Google Chrome is getting new upgrades to make memory consumption more efficient

Hamnah Khalid • June 23, 2020

Users will soon manage the app subscriptions directly via Google Play Store

Naima Rabbie • June 19, 2020

Hackers disguising malware-ridden links as legitimate Google Alerts

Hamnah Khalid • June 18, 2020

Google brings Google Meet to Gmail for iOS and Android

Hamnah Khalid • June 18, 2020

This is how Pakistani net users’ search habits are evolving, according to Google

Hamza Zakir • June 13, 2020