Google is hiring more hardware engineers to make in-house chipsets

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Just last day we informed you about Google possibly making its own team for the design of the Pixel Watch. Now we have news that Google is hiring hardware engineers for its internal gChips team which will be responsible for testing out designs of chipsets before they are sent to manufacturers. There is a strong possibility that Google will join the likes of Samsung, Huawei, and Apple to use its own processors in its upcoming Pixel phones.

According to Reuters, Google has hired a total of 16 engineering veterans with experience in chipset design and 4 talent recruiters for its internal team. Currently, there are 4 open posts at Google’s office in Bengaluru namely:

Aside from hiring a team to test out designs for processors, there are also rumors that Google’s team will also be responsible for other chips for routers or smart devices like the Google Home. There could also be chip similar to Apple’s A12 on iPhone in which there is dedicated hardware for AI tasks and making augmented reality processes a lot smoother.

Google has also hired key engineers from Qualcomm and Apple and it is not new to the chipset segment, their in-house chips are being used in the Pixel 3 for a variety of tasks. It is expected that the internal design team will grow to 80 employees by the end of this year.

Source: Android Authority

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