Google kills Chrome App store

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Google Chrome

Just last year, Google warned that the future prospects of Chrome App store are not very bright and just a year after that Google has officially killed the Chrome App Store for both Mac and Windows. The reason is simple, Google says that nobody uses the Chrome App Store.

This recent moves from Google come in a bid to make Google Chrome experience more simple and clean for its users. As of now, Google has removed the Chrome App Store section but you can still download Google Chrome Applications through direct links.

With the killing of Chrome apps, a new form of applications called Progressive Web Apps(PWA) is about to be launched too. PWAs are actually websites with some super functionalities which makes them appear as stand alone applications. PWA’s can have full screen, push notifications, some offline mode and an application icon.

Google is expected to roll out this feature for Desktops in the mid-2018.

By the way, don’t confuse the Chrome Apps with Google Extensions. Google extensions are an important feature widely used for making web experience better and Google has no plans of killing it. Some popular extensions are password managers, VPN tools and ad blockers. These extensions live in our browser and make our browsing experience better and efficient.

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