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Google Launches App: Growth Lab In Pakistan

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Karachi: On Wednesday, Google announced the launch of the Gaming Growth Lab In Pakistan. It is a four-month program to identify high-potential app developers, studios, and companies willing to grow and accelerate their business.

The main objective behind the project is to offer intensive education and support to app developers willing to learn from Google experts in areas such as Ads, Firebase, AdMod, gTech, and Play, including industry leaders.

Farhan. Qureshi, Google’s Regional Director for Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, said, “Today, we are proud to announce the launch of App Growth Lab to support up-and-coming local developers and help them expand their offerings to an international audience.”


The program is specifically designed to facilitate the app developers that will help get good job opportunities. The program is based on four core pillars:

  • Build: Uncover the global app and gaming opportunity to understand different levers to set the all-around strategy for a company.
  • Develop a user-centric mindset to the app and game product development and leverage best-in-class technology to set the app up for long-term success.
  • Launch: help participants learn about strategies to win the launch, setup monetization models, and maximize Google’s tools for data to achieve measurable growth
  • Scale: provide participants with knowledge of opening their app to the world by leveraging market and platform diversification strategies

Saad Hameed, CEO of Game District, shared his opinions by saying, “The Gaming Growth Lab Pakistan was one of the most insightful programs that we have attended so far in Game District.”

In addition, he also said, “We have learned a lot of information covering all the domains of the .obike gaming industry, from basics to advance. We have optimized our games’ performance by implementing all the intuitive knowledge we learned from this program”.

The program will take start in June and will continue for four months. Interested organizations, app, and development studios may apply till May 22, 2023.

According to different sources, Pakistan’s app industry has seen a 35% growth in 2022, with 3.52 billion downloads. The growth of Pakistan’s app industry has pushed Google to launch the program to boost further and support the growth of Pakistan’s app industry.

However, the initiative will help the companies to identify and nurture talented developers who have the potential to grow.

Indeed, the program is a great initiative Google took for app developers in Pakistan.

How Pakistani Entrepreneurs Get Benefit From The App Growth Lab?

The Growth Lab will benefit entrepreneurs with a fantastic opportunity to learn from expert web developers and helps in connecting with other like-minded individuals.

Here we are listing a few benefits that an entrepreneur can get:

  • Learn from Google Expert: this will allow you to learn from experts.
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs: it helps you to connect and build a network with other entrepreneurs, which can lead to valuable partnerships d collaborations.
  • Access to Google resources: allows having access to various tools and resources
  • One-on-one mentorship: participants will receive personalized mentorship from Google experts, which will help them to overcome the challenges


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