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Google Maps incorporate a dedicated ‘Catching Pokemon’ activity option in Timeline

Muneeb Ahmad Written by Muneeb Ahmad ·  41 sec read >

Pokemon Go, the super popular game from Niantic, rose to hype quite steeply. Although recent indicators show that the game has started to witness a downfall, Google has added a ‘Catching Pokémon’ feature to the Google Maps.

Pokemon Go

A ‘Catching Pokemon’ option has been added to the Google Maps Timeline which can be used to indicate that the user was playing Pokemon Go exactly when and where. Reddit has always been a source to many news breaks, and the ‘Catching Pokemon’ feature was also brought forward by a Reddit user.

The feature can be accessed from the Timeline (which needs to be activated beforehand), an option available in the Menu tab. Once activated the Timeline feature will track all of your movements on the map with respect to a time scale. You can then signify that a particular movement occurred while ‘Catching Pokemon’. To do that, open the activity details and click the edit button to choose from a variety of activities. Scroll to find ‘Catching Pokemon’.

Now, Google Maps will keep track of all of your Pokemon Go game proceedings. It will record your movements in a timeline, and show you when asked.

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