Goodbye Pokemon Go?

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Pokemon Go, the global sensation responsible for making our summers awesome, may already be losing interests of many users, new figures from Axiom Capital Management have indicated.

Just recently, we communicated that Pokemon Go is not banned in Pakistan. The fact might have relieved the Pokemon lovers of any tension but there is another bad news. People are saying goodbye to the good game. The exclusive numbers which were provided to Bloomberg indicate that Pokemon Go user engagement, after peaking last month, has started facing a decline.

Data was being collected from many IT research firms including Sensor Tower, SurveyMonkey, and Apptopia. The data depicted that not only the downloads are decreasing, but the active daily users, the daily user engagement, and the time spent on the game are also facing a decline. The decrease in game downloads is pretty expected because the downloads usually decrease for any application because of increasing concentration of Pokemon Go being downloaded on phones. But the decrease in daily active users, daily engagement, and the time spent surely depicts that the game has peaked.
Pokemon Go daily active usersPokemon go active usersPokemon Go, the augmented reality game, was released a few months back. The game conquered some concrete milestones. People were downloading it and playing it in huge numbers all over the world including Pakistan. There were some hacks too and people were using the game for some sneaky marketing. Then there came the news that people were spending more time on Pokemon Go than they would on other leading applications including Facebook, and Instagram.

Source —Bloomberg, Image— A Pinterest account

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