Google Maps Will Soon Roll Out a ‘Vibe Check’ Feature

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Google just yesterday announced a bunch of new features that users can expect on Google Maps. The newly announced features include a realistic map feature, improved food suggestions and even personalized results.

While these features were great and will surely work towards improving Google Maps, a new and interesting feature named ‘Vibe Check’ was also announced. With a name that’s inspired by an internet meme, the product comes off as a fun little feature that will make navigating with Google maps a lot more fun.

Quite evident by its name, the feature will work towards informing users about the vibe of any place that they are about to enter. An example would be you entering the city center from a quiet area, the Google Map will then immediately notify you about the vibe of the city center.

But how will Google know the vibe of a place? Well, Google for this has planned on using both Artificial intelligence and knowledge from other Google Maps users in that particular area. Both of these can prove to be great data sources since AI with time has become super reliant whereas around 20 million Google Map users make contributions to the application daily. With a vibe check feature coming into play, the number of contributions are only bound to increase.

The vibe check and other features released alongside it will surely contribute towards the goal of making Google Maps a lot more realistic, immersive and understandable. According to tech experts, the vibe check feature will definitely improve suggestions on Google Maps.

Google will begin rolling out these amazing new features in just a few months and will be making them available on both iOS and Android.

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