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Google officially releases Android 10 for Pixel phones

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The curiosity of Android users is finally over as the Android 10 is out in the market but for now only for Google Pixel phones yet. The good news is this android version would come to your phone faster then before.

Along with many features in the new version, Google has worked a lot in the privacy and security area for Android 10. The new version also gives more control to you over the device, while a new focus mode helps you to disable distracting apps.

Prominent Features:

  • Dark Mode has been introduced in the Android 10, which gives you full control over how you want your phone to look like from inside. With this new feature you can either set dark theme for the whole phone or for only specific applications.
  • Another new feature ‘Smart Reply’ makes the mobile usage more friendly. Now, when someone send you address or YouTube video link in any messaging app, it would directly navigate you to the related application. The feature gives you freedom from hectic copy pasting procedure.
  • Live captioning feature is the most interesting feature in Android 10, the feature would start showing caption on video and voice recording with only one tap. The feature is yet to come later this fall.
  • In the Android 10, you can have control on the usage of your kids phones. You can remotely control the screen time limits and app request from your device. It also gives you authority to see what your kids are doing on their phones.

New Privacy Controls and Security:

  • The new privacy control feature enable you to share your location with apps only when you are using them. Phone will send warning if any application you do not use actively, access your location.
  • In the privacy setting you can also see your activities on Web and Applications, you can access Ad settings through that.
  • Instead of sending privacy and security patches through OS updates, with the new Google policy, you will be able to update them through app store as soon as they are available, just like the way you apps get updated.

Android 10 is designed by keeping foldable and 5G phones in mind, but for now it is only available for Pixel phones so we would have to wait to see how it works on those phones. Nokia is planning to rollout the android 10 to its phones in the Q4 2019.

Written by TechJuice
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