Google Pixel 2: 5 things you need to know about

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Google has finally launched the Google Pixel 2.

Today, Google took the wraps off the second model in its Pixel-branded series, Google Pixel 2. As part of the event, it also unveiled some other cool gadgets including a Google Home Product, a beautiful-looking laptop which can be turned into a tablet, a small lens especially made for candid shots and Pixelbuds. For this part of the coverage at least, I will be focused more on the Google Pixel smartphones. So without any further ado, let’s quickly dive into what Google Pixel 2 has to offer.

1. ‘Stylishly Simpler’, the focus is on AI and AR

Google has released exactly two models this year. This time around, Google has focused more on developing the software, more specifically Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Google Pixel 2 comes in a gorgeous-looking all-aluminum body. The smartphone would be available in three color options sky blue, black and white. Google Pixel 2 XL on the other hand would only be available in either all black and in the black/white combination.

2. New Displays

Google has unveiled this smartphone in two sizes. There is a 5-inch standard Google Pixel 2 with AMOLED display and then there is an up-sized Google Pixel 2 XL with a bigger 6-inch QHD+ POLED display. Both of these smartphones bear a 1080p OLED screen. Google has also tried to maximize the size of display on these smartphones for quality VR experience. The smartphones also come with an always-on display.

3. You can squeeze it

Yes, one of the most fascinating leak has finally turned true. The smaller variant of the Google Pixel 2 smartphone, the one made by HTC, can actually be squeezed all thanks to what Google calls “Active Edge”. The users will be able to launch Google Assistant just be putting a squeeze at special pressure points on the sides of this smartphone. Google is employing Machine Learning to let the smartphone differentiate from accidental bumps to intentional squeezes.

4. Dual lenses aren’t necessarily needed for a good camera

The last year’s Google Pixel was known to boast a respectable camera section. On a scale to that, the Google Pixel 2 was able to secure a DXO Mark of 98 as compared to 89 of the last year’s Pixel, a score which is greater than any smartphone out in the market right now. The primary shooter has a 12.2-megapixel, f/1.8 aperture lens. The smartphone also works with Google Clips, a small lens which is the Google’s solution to capturing random snaps of you and your loved ones. The camera has been adapted for AR support, and the users will be able to augment digital content onto one’s surroundings directly through the default camera application.

5. It is not iPhone X expensive

The 5-inch Google Pixel 2 costs $649 for the 64GB version, while the Google Pixel 2 XL will come with a price tag of $849. Google has initiated the pre-orders for both of these models starting today.

6. The Bonus Point, the Freebies

Google announced during the keynote that, along with a purchase of a Google Pixel 2 or a Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone, it would be giving one unit of the newly-introduced Google Home device away for free. This is a limited time offer and the users will have to be present in some specific countries to avail the deal. Also, watch out for IMAX movies on YouTube VR, and Google Play Movies, totally free on the Google Pixel 2.


Google finally unveiled the much-hyped Google Pixel 2 today. As visible, the tech giant has focused more on the camera section and on the software side of the smartphone. Powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor and 4 gigs of Ram, these smartphones are the first ones to support eSims. Although the actual benchmarks and tests will follow as the experts and critics get their hands on the device in actual but apparently Google has tried to make Google Pixel 2 a good pick without increasing the price too much.

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